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Moisture Separation

Cellular Drift Eliminators

DRB Drift Eliminators are state of the art and durable, high efficiency, and with cell design that will meet the most stringent moisture removal specifications. Special features are included in the designs for Counterflow and Crossflow towers. DRB Drift Eliminators provide ultra-low drift loss and are used in Cooling Towers, Evaporative Cooling Turbine Intake Coolers, Scrubbers, and High Humidity Cooling Systems. They work well in Inlet Hoods to protect from moisture ingression. Drift Eliminators have extremely low pressure drop & eliminate moisture droplets @ > 50 microns.

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Mist Eliminator

DRB Mist Eliminator filters are highly effective in significantly reducing oil mist, water mist, fog or rain droplets. In addition, they are useful downstream of chilled water coils and steam. They are used in turbine intakes to effectively stop moisture ingression. Mist Eliminators are constructed of a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame (standard); 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel optional.

Moisture Separator

Inlet moisture control systems are essential for the proper operation of turbo machinery. The Moisture Separator is a panel type droplet separator comprised of alternate layers of flat and herringbone crimped galvanized screen. It comes retained in a galvanized steel or stainless steel frame with bottom drain holes. It is our highest quality moisture separator (available in galvanized or stainless steel).


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