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Gas Turbine Filtration (Pre-Filters)

G-4 High Efficiency Pre Filter

With the Highest Dust Holding Capacity in the Industry at 1000 grams, the G-4 High Efficiency Pre-Filter also features an extremely low initial pressure drop to help you run more efficiently. Pleat Separators ensure even distribution of the pleats across the filter. The G-4 has up to 28.4 ft2 of media (2.6 m2). A 90 weight, 28 count Beverage Board provides greater rigidity and moisture protection than competitors’ filters. The G-4 High Efficiency Pre-Filter media also comes with a 30 gauge reinforced metal support grid to add extra structural stability to the 100% Gradient Density Synthetic Media (Electro-statically Charged). The very best pre-filter protection for your equipment.

GT Pre Filter

The GT Pre-Filter is an economical and efficient Pre-Filter option, and comes available in a MERV 7 rating. It has the same construction features as the G-4 Pre-Filter, but is available in a MERV 7 rated filter. Available with or without pleat separators, it has all the same high quality features & rigid beverage board as our other pre-filter. “The GT Pre-Filter is High Quality Filtration at a very affordable prices.”

Heavy Duty Pre Filter

The Heavy-Duty MR is the toughest Disposable Pre-Filter on the market today. It is made of Non-Woven Polyester media, pleated with metal grid backing and bonded to a rigid, heavy duty, moisture resistant 52 point die-cut frame. It comes with weep holes for moisture drainage. The Heavy Duty MR is designed for coastal and high humidity applications, and has almost twice the service life of standard disposable pre-filters.

Guard Door Pre-Filter for GE LM Units

DRB Industries’ extended surface Pre-Filters come standard with 100% Synthetic electro-statically charged gradient density media, optimum pleat spacing, and high quality construction. The Pre-Filter for Guard Door Systems is designed to collect a preponderance of dust particulate (particle build up) prior to the air entering your High Efficiency Final Filter. The Pre-Filter for Guard Door Systems has a double wall high wet strength heavy duty beverage board frame & the media packs are totally bonded to the frame with a metal support grid backing. Diagonal Stabilizer support grids are also bonded to the pleats to provide additional support and prevent pleat collapse.

Self Supported Pre-Filters

DRB Industries offers a Self-Supported Pre-Filters. These filters are made with special self-supported, multi-layered, non-cellulose pleated media which eliminates the need of metal backing. They are enclosed in a waterproof frame made of proprietary board material that will not deform or degrade throughout the service life of the filter.

SMP Mini-Pleat Panel Filter for Altair® Units

The SMP Mini-Pleat Panel Filter offers maximum filtration in a 2” filter frame. The media is a single web of gradient density fibers which achieves high dust holding, high efficiency, and low pressure drop. The pleats are held rigid and evenly spaced to maintain even loading and air distribution. The entire filter is constructed of polypropylene which offers several advantages; one being the filter does not support the growth of bacteria, fungi, or mold. Another benefit is that these filters will not corrode or degrade over an extended service period, even under high humidity conditions. Polypropylene media is much more puncture resistant than glass paper and is resistance to most chemicals.

Exchangeable Plastic Frame

Our Exchangeable Plastic Frames are not as heavy as metal frames. Built with reusable alternate plastic components, these frames have nearly an unlimited number of reuses, saving on disposal costs and reducing volume for transport and storage. Exchangeable Plastic Frames are much more rigid and hold up to moisture much better than beverage board filters.

Cover Leaf Metal Holding Frame

Our Clover Leaf Metal Holding Frames have "snap-out" lock edges which hold the clover leaf-shaped door in place. The 24 gauge steel "U" construction adds strength and durability to the frames. The tuck-in clover-leaf front door has a permanent hinge. The Clover Leaf Holding Frame has mitered corners, preventing protruding edges.

Polyester Pad Filters

Our High Efficiency Polyester Pads and Rolls are made from a High Loft, Multi Denier Blend Polyester Media. They have Low Pressure Drop and High Dust Holding Capacity, and come available in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and MERV ratings. Polyester Pads and Rolls are also available with a Non-Migrating Tackifier.

Z Line Inserts

The Z-Line Inserts are used in our plastic holding frame, registering filter class G3 to G4. The inserts are made of the highest quality filter media and are fully incinerable. The Z-Line Inserts are made to have high stability and yet light construction (inserts have stability at 100% relative humidity), leading to a long lifetime. The media has high dust holding capacity and extremely low pressure drop.

EQP / DQP - Pleated Panel Filters

We achieve this with 100% synthetic electrostatically charged gradient density media, optimum pleat spacing and high quality construction. Our pleated filters have exceptionally high initial and sustained efficiency, high dust holding capacity, and very low pressure drop. The media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, does not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.

Coalescer Pre-Filter

Our Coalescer Pre-Filter comes with a high weft, moisture resistant fiberglass media. It agglomerates the water particles in the atmosphere, transforms them into drops, drains them through the lower panel fiber, and evacuates them out of the air stream. It is 100% efficient @ 3 microns and above, and is nested in our reusable plastic frame.

Poret Foam / Pre Filter

Poret® Foam is excellent in high moisture and salt coastal environments. It has high ageing stability, making it a very popular filtration choice. Because it is washable and easily discarded, Poret® Foam is also very easy to use. It has very high dust holding capacity. It also contains no plasticizers and has high ozone and oxygen resistance. It is temperature resistant up to 100°C (212°F). The process by which Poret® Foam is formed is completely CFC free and Poret® Foam can be used multiple times saving you time and money.


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