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Gas Turbine Filtration (Final Filters)

GT 4820 Static Barrier Final Filter (with Burst Ply Protection)

DRB Industries LLC offers the GT-4820 Barrier, the latest breakthrough in reinforced filter media with exceptionally high burst pressure ratings of 25 inches w.g. An extremely well-built V-Bank filter, the GT-4820 has all the characteristics you expect; with a low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity and high volumetric air flow combined in a compact filter ideally suited for challenging operating environments where moisture is a factor. The GT-4820 comes all-plastic, fully incinerable, with a foam-in place seamless gasket to prevent air bypass, and with added structural strength. As always, these filters are fully potted and sealed and come with more square feet of media than the leading competitors and the low pressure drop you require. The best feature of the GT-4820 is its economical price: you get extended service life and incredibly strong filter media.

V-Bank Final Filter

Designed to withstand high velocities and turbulence, the V-Bank Final Filter is excellent for all types of air handling systems. Its Rigid Frame Construction prevents damage to media. The frame dimensions, depth, and filter performance of the V-Bank Final Filter meet requirements of standard air handling systems. Constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities, and turbulence, the V-Bank Final Filter is excellent for all types of air handling systems. The filter element is free of metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion and punctures. The V-Bank Final Filter is light weight and easy to handle and provides for low-cost transport and disposal.

FGT V Bank Final Filter

The DRB FGT V-Bank Final Filter is our highest efficiency Final Filter available for Gas Turbine Applications (MERV 16 rating). The F9 Final Filter is 95% efficient down to 0.3 microns. It has a moisture resistant Wet-Laid Fiberglass media with Protections Grids on the air outlet side of the two external pleat packs. The FGT V-Bank Final Filter has an extremely low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity. The ABS Frame has a rigid construction and a 5° tilt for moisture drainage. The FGT V-Bank is available in F-7 and F-8 efficiencies (our most popular choice).

GT XL HF Extended Length Final Filter

DRB Industries’ GT-XL-HF Final Filter comes in a 17” (440mm) depth. This allows for higher dust holding capacity than the normal 12” depth final filters. It has 302 ft2 of media (28m2), almost 100ft2 more than standard filters. The GT-XL-HF Final Filters are water resistant. A Hot Glue separator ensures equal spacing between pleats. Rigid, Sturdy construction makes the filters durable, easy to ship, and easy to install. The GT-XL-HF Final Filters are fully incinerable, making disposal easy as well. It also has an ABS special draining design, and reinforcing grids downstream for extra burst protection. The GT-XL-HF Final Filter comes in a variety of efficiencies.

Q Cell Final Filter

The Q Cell Final Filter has deep “V” pleats to maximize exposure to air for even dust holding capacity. The pleats are tapered to channel air through the filter. The Q Cell Final Filter is made with 26 gauge galvanized steel for maximum rigidity and to resist corrosion. Plastic separators prevent blowout or the bowing of the pleat packs. The filter media is synthetic and resistant to moisture, abrasion, and microbial growth. The Q Cell Final Filter comes in a variety of efficiencies for your specific application.

ESCF Final Filter

The DRB ESCF Final Filter is ideal for applications requiring supported media, and fit in the Camfil / Farr HP Holding Basket. They are also a cost-effective because the media is interchangeable. Each ESCF filter element has tapered pleats to maximize the media area and assure low airflow resistance. The ESCF is made of non-woven polypropylene fibers with high tensile strength. The filter elements are collapsible, making for easy transportation.

HEPA Final Filter

DRB HEPA Final Filters use Minipleat technology as an alternative to traditional filter boxes with resistant aluminum separators. This increases both the volume and the life of the filter at low pressure drop. The pleats are arranged in a V-shape format for optimum flow characteristics and are glued to the polystyrol housing. All filters are free of metal parts and fully incinerable, making for easy disposal. DRB HEPA Final Filters are 99.97% efficient @ ≥ 3 microns and have a low initial pressure drop.

EMW VK-KW Series

The ultimate in 2 stage filtration in one system. EMW VK-KW system consists of one fine filter Compact Cassette and one prefilter inside a prefilter housing.

Minipleat Filterbox

secure separation at high strain

Minipleat Compact Cassette - secure separation at high strain

EMW Compact Cassettes have a maximum of surface area in little space and therefore a long lifetime under economical operating conditions

Rigid Cell Filters

Today's highly efficient air handling systems maximize efficiency by varying airflow according to the needs of the occupied space. The Rigid Cell Filter is built with special plastic separators and heavy gauge metal backing to hold the pleated media stable at any airflow for maximum media utilization. This filter is constructed with polypropylene media and separators to discourage microbial growth and is offered in ASHRAE ratings of 45%, 65%, 85%, and 95% and Odor Ban carbon media.

Final Filter Wraps

DRB Industries LLC offers wraps for your Static Barrier Final Filters. Ideal for applications where medium to high efficiency is necessary, these wraps will extend the life of your Final Filters. The wraps come in many different efficiencies for your application.

Final Filter Holding Frames

The DRB filter holding frames are comprised of “L” shaped steel bars welded together to form the rectangular shape. Adjustable tension springs to fit all pocket filters, compact filters, or combination systems are also available. The header frames of the filters are fixed inside to our holding frame at four edges with four tension springs. A complete filter wall can be put together quickly and easily. Stainless Steel is available on request.

F5 Rigid Pocket Filter

The F5 Rigid Pocket Filter is constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence and is excellent for all types of air handling systems. The Synthetic Media is rated at ASHRAE 45-50%.

F6 Rigid Pocket Filter

The F6 Rigid Pocket Filter is constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence and is excellent for all types of air handling systems. It is made of Synthetic Media and rated at ASHRAE 65%, MERV 10.

Soft Pocket Bag Filter

The Soft Pocket Filter has a uniquely designed extruded aluminum frame for increased stability, reduced corrosion, and greater filter life. The pocket seams are ultrasonically sealed to prevent leakage and reduce the possibility of tearing. The Soft Pocket Filter comes in 100% synthetic media, resistant to all types of bacterial growth, and with internal pocket spacers to provide lower pressure drop and reduced energy costs.

HESB Media Pocket Filter for Altair® Units

DRB’s Synthetic Media Bag Filters come in 95% Efficient (F-8) performance and sizes to replace the Altair Super Nova SN8 Filter Bag. The DRB (HESB) has 6 pockets of 100% synthetic polypropylene lofted microfiber media. There is a non-flammable adhesive applied to the entire header & pocket channels. The entire steel support element is staked, riveted, and glued into one composite framework to ensure leak proof pocket attachment. Cover strips are also provided to add structural integrity. A neoprene rubber gasket is standard on the air exit side (back) of header.

G-4 Pocket Filter

The G-4 Pocket Filter comes in standard 24” x 24” x 7” size (8 pockets) or sized to fit the EMW VK-KW System (7 pockets). It has a high dust holding capacity and low pressure drop. It has no metal parts and comes standard with an all plastic frame that is fully incinerable. The G-4 Pocket Filter uses 100% Non–Woven Polyester Pockets to provide an extremely efficient filter with high dust holding capacity. Its 7” depth allows you to use it in Final Filter or Pre-Filter applications.

High Efficiency Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

DRB Pocket Filters are the most economical solution for high efficiency air filtration. We offer ASHRAE efficiencies 45%, 65%, 85% and 95% in four standard face dimensions and six standard pocket lengths up to 36". We also offer "Quality Paks" with OIL MIST collection media. This allows maximum flexibility to tailor per application. Non-standard sizes are also available.

Pocket Filter (Fine Filter)

EMW- pocket filters for finefiltration are optionally manufactured in plastic or metal frame. Depending on the requirement the pocket filters can be provided with an additional endless foamed sealing.

Pocket Filter (Coarse Filter)

EMW – pocket filters for prefiltration are optionally manufactured in plastic or metal frame. Depending on the requirement the pocket filters can be provided with an additional endless foamed sealing.

Polyester Cube Filters

We offer a wide array of polyester medias. Each of these medias meet specific performance characteristics with a unique blend of fiber sizes, binders and tackifiers. We configure these medias into a variety of products with single or multiple media layers. This gives you maximum flexibility tomeet any need. We can also customize media combinations per your specifications. We’ve got the filter for your application.


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