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DRB Industries LLC was specifically formed to provide customers with the highest quality Gas Turbine Filtration and Industrial Cooling products at the most economical prices.  DRB Industries LLC is a “one-stop” shop for Gas Turbine Filter House and Agricultural/Industrial Cooling applications. DRB was formed so that customers don’t have to search 50 different websites or catalogs for the products they need or pay the outrageous marked up prices that OEM’s charge.  DRB Industries LLC was founded with a commitment to adhering to 3 basic key principles in everything we do:

  1. Quality – All our product offerings are of the highest quality in the industries . . . guaranteed.
  2. Experience – With over 20+ years of combined professional experience—and over 50+ years of manufacturing experience with most of our products.  We have the knowledge and skill to meet all your cooling, filtration, and instrument needs.
  3. ServiceDRB Industries LLC is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, at the most economical price; delivered in a timely manner.  We also pledge to provide the personal attention and trustworthiness that inspires confidence and results in satisfied customers.

In that same effort to best service our customers with their many different needs and requirements, our facilities have been strategically located to provide the best warehousing and delivery for our different markets, ensuring you receive your product in a timely manner.  Our main sales office is in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma—centrally located in the U.S., with Gas Turbine Filtration Warehouse/Distribution centers on the east coast (South Carolina) and west coast (Colorado) to meet the specific needs of the Power Industry.

Also we have a Warehouse/Distribution Center specifically for Evaporative Cooling Media located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with close access to the main livestock confinement markets in the U.S.

All Other DRB quality product offerings are shipped directly from the manufacturer to our customers with special discount prices and minimal lead times, so as to reduce downtime and increase production time.  Our experience is really unparalleled in the industry.

About our President/Owner:

David Brumbaugh brings to his customers a wealth of “in the trenches” experience in the field of Gas Turbine Filtration and Inlet Cooling.  With over 15 years of experience, David has supported dozens of Municipal and IPP utilities all over the U.S. and on 6 different continents.  His trouble shooting and expert assistance to companies such as General Electric, Siemens Westinghouse, MHI and ABB just to name a few, is well known throughout the Power Industry.

A highly sought after dynamic speaker and knowledgeable consultant, Brumbaugh has helped numerous companies streamline their Gas Turbine Filterhouse Reliability practices.  A leading expert in Air Filtration and Cooling Practices, David is called on regularly to assist companies who want to reduce operating costs and increase Gas Turbine performance. 

David Brumbaugh brings to the table the unique experience of not only co-founding a company dedicated to Pro-Active Maintenance practices (Noria Corporation), but also serving as a Director of a trade journal distributed to over 7,000 maintenance professionals worldwide.  Brumbaugh also worked with Braden Manufacturing and has an extensive background in Filtration and Retrofit Services for auxiliary Gas Turbine Systems, which has equipped him with a keen understanding of the specific challenges that power plants face on a daily basis.

He is also a published author with articles appearing in magazines, such as Power Engineering.  David is the founder and owner of DRB Industries LLC.  He is a Certified Air Filter Specialist (CAFS), a member of ASHRAE, graduate of the ProActive Maintenance Institute (PIM) and holds Bachelor and MBA degrees.  DRB Industries LLC is also a member of the Evaporative Cooling Institute.

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